Update: Candidate Meehan provides response to Hayes’ remarks

February 8, 2020

West Point graduate, veteran of Afghanistan seeking Republican nomination in Fifth District

Reporter’s Note: Ryan Meehan of Litchfield, who is seeking the Republican nomination in the Fifth Congressional District, asked on Sunday, February 2, to respond to recent comments made by U.S. Rep. Jahana Hayes (D-5) of Wolcott in a Patch.com story on Meehan’s campaign.Meehan sent the statement to Patch.com on Tuesday, February 4, and it is included in the final paragraph of the story that is posted below, which includes a section of the initial story.A copy of the Meehan’s response was submitted to Hayes’ campaign office on Tuesday, February 4, with an offer to provide additional comment.

The link for the initial story is posted above.

– Scott Benjamin

Meehan criticized Hayes, saying that she has “voted in-line with the most extreme elements of her party 95 percent of the time. . . She has failed to lift a finger on healthcare affordability, mental health coverage or infrastructure.”

In a prepared statement, Hayes said, “Even a superficial search would have shown that I have co-sponsored 50 bills to expand access to affordable health care and to protect patients.”

The congresswoman also stated that she has co-sponsored five measures related to improvement in mental health.

Hayes added that the U.S. House Democrats recently presented the “Moving Forward” plan, “which would infuse $760 billion into our infrastructure over five years.”

“If Mr. Meehan, as a new constituent, has concerns with the substance of any of these bills I sincerely hope he reaches out to my office,” Hayes exclaimed. “However, if he is only interested in partisan talking points, without acknowledging easily verifiable facts, I will not engage. That type of discourse does nothing to make this district a better place to live.”

In a subsequent prepared statement, Mr. Meehan said: “As a military officer I learned that success is defined by accomplishing the mission, not making a half-hearted attempt. Rep. Hayes was sent to Congress to deliver results and pass legislation, not co-sponsor bills written by other members. She serves in the majority party and should be delivering for her constituents; not a single bill she has sponsored has been signed into law. Connecticut deserves a Representative with the courage to lead. The 5th district has real problems that need to be solved. Her flippant and misleading response furthers my conviction to be in this race.”


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