Ryan supports pro-growth economic policies that put Connecticut first with a focus on reducing regulations and lowering taxes. He believes it's the government's job to create an environment for free-market activity and to nurture that environment through supply-side economic policies. Ryan supports improving the business climate in Connecticut by lowering costs to employers with a focus on healthcare, taxes, and energy. By removing headwinds to potential future and existing employers, he believes we can attract new businesses to the state and keep those that we already have.


Ryan recognizes that healthcare costs are unsustainable and that the costs of prescription drugs are increasingly prohibitive. He supports personal choice in the insurance market and competition amongst healthcare providers. Ryan believes that advancement in the goal of achieving equal healthcare access for all is best achieved through a market-based approach that empowers consumers while protecting those with preexisting conditions. He also proposes removing excess regulations in the drug-development process to lower the cost of bringing new medications to market.


Ryan believes that education and individual improvement is key to a more prosperous and stable society. As a graduate of the Connecticut public school system who went on to obtain two graduate degrees at The University of Pennsylvania, he understands the importance of affordable, quality education and can relate to the challenges that young students face. Ryan points out that the increasingly problematic student-loan situation was caused by excessive government involvement, which has lead to market distortions and decreased accountability. Ryan supports simplifying the federal student loan program, holding colleges and universities accountable for the education they provide, and increasing technical education opportunities.


Ryan has a background in energy and infrastructure with a focus on sustainability ventures. He seeks to encourage Public Private Partnerships to cultivate accountable infrastructure development within the state. Although he is a fiscal-conservative, he believes in and supports responsible infrastructure investment that will lead to business development and long-term economic expansion. Current construction costs in Connecticut are amongst the highest in the nation, and Connecticut continues to receive fewer dollars from the Federal Government than it sends in each year. Ryan plans on addressing those two issues by pushing reform to simplify construction practices at the state and local level and by introducing legislation to keep more Connecticut tax dollars in-state.